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What we offer

Spaces everywhere, everything's included, unique benefits and a great community

Workspace how you need it

Private offices, co-working, virtual offices full time, part time or pay as you go.

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הכל כלול

Pay one simple price and get everything you need.

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השתמש בכל הרשת שלנו

הקם את משרדך במיקום אחד ותוכל בנוסף להשתמש ב-3000 מיקומים בעולם

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The best business community

צור קשרים חדשים, הכר חברות מקומיות, שתף רעיונות וצור הזדמנויות עסקיות חדשות.

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Our customers

"I am certain Regus will help develop my business. The next technological invention is around the corner and they will be the first to jump on it. That’s what Regus can provide." 

Leila Debs

The David Agency

“It was quick for us to get started as everything was taken care of. We really appreciate the flexibility as we have been able to increase the size of our office as the business has grown.”

Andrea Gerrish

Business Director

CEL Leadership and Change Ltd

“I needed something that was going to work within my budget but also give the best possible impression. Every step of the way, Regus has been a huge part of my success.”

Gurjot Sidhu

Gurjot New York

CEO and Creative Director

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דבר עם הצוות שלנו 8836*

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